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Outstanding Fund Raising Professional

This award is for an outstanding member of AFP Greater New Orleans Chapter who practices his/her profession in an exemplary manner. The narrative should specifically address your nominee’s outstanding fundraising services as well as other civic responsibilities and accomplishments. ONLY CURRENT AFP MEMBERS MAY BE NOMINATED.

Past recipients include: Charles W. Heim, Jr., FAHP, 1986; Charles E. Young, 1987; Patricia C. Mason, 1989; Charles J. DiGange, CFRE 1990; Elizabeth B. McCarthy, 1991; Clifford V. Johnson, CFRE, 1992; Julia Walker, 1994; Alex Comfort CFRE, 1995; Tom Harmeyer, CFRE, 1996; Michael Guillot 1997; Susan R. Mintz, 1998; Florence Andre, 1999; Margaret B. Epstein, 2001; Armand Bertin, 2002; Laurie Conkerton, 2003; Sharon Litwin, 2004; Carol G. McCall, 2005; J. Stanley Maher, 2006; Peter Quirk, 2008; Alice Wright, 2009; Beverly Lamb, 2010; Michael Bourg, 2011; Marilyn Dittmann, 2012; not awarded in 2013; Juli Smith Pattison, CFFRE, 2014; Marc Barnes, 2015; Susan Mancuso, CFRE, 2016; Roselle M. Ungar, CFRE, 2017, Sandy Levy, 2018; Caitlin Scanlan, 2019.

Outstanding Volunteer Fundraiser

The individuals eligible for this nomination must have demonstrated exceptional leadership skills in coordinating groups of volunteers for one or more major fundraising projects, as well as commitment for the advancement of philanthropy in general. 

Past recipients include: Diana M. Lewis and Katherine F. Duncan, 1986; Betty Lauricella, 1987; Melba and Moise Steeg, 1988; Harry J. Blumenthal, Jr., 1989, Joseph X Gemelli, Jr., 1990; Nancy M. Marsiglia, 1991; Ellen C. Brennan, 1992; Norman Kerth, 1993; Anne Milling, 1994; Frank Friedler, Jr., Mervin L Trail, M.D., 1995; Georgia M, Simmons, 1996; Liz Sloss, 1997; Michael 0. Read, 1998; Suzanne Rusovich, 1999: Kim Sport, 2000; Patricia Couere Denechaud, 2001; Mary Jane W. Becker, 2002; Helen Nalty Butcher and Elizabeth Nalty Smither, 2003; Ashton Ryan, 2004; Susan R. Johnson, 2005; M. Cleland Powell, 2006; Dr. Donald Faust, 2007; Joseph S. Exnicios, 2008; Clark Todd, 2009; Mary Ann Valentino, 2010; Richard Treuting, 2011; Susan Lane Stall, 2012; Lizette Terral, 2013; Barbara Turner Windhorst, 2014; Fred H. Myers, 2015; Michael Hollis, 2016; Karen Saunders DeBlieux, 2017;  Robert Bories & Daniel conwill, 2018; Christian T. "Christy" Brown, 2019.

Outstanding Leadership in Corporate Philanthropy

This award goes to a business or corporation that demonstrates outstanding financial support of charitable causes and sets an example for others to follow. The narrative should specifically address your nominee's outstanding philanthropic services as well as other civic responsibilities and accomplishments.

Past recipients include: Freeport-McMoRan, Inc., 1986; CNG Producing Company, 1987; Shell Offshore, Inc., 1988: Chevron, USA, 1989; Hibernia National Bank. 1990; Radiofone, Inc., 1991; Stewart Enterprises, Inc., 1992; L.P.&L./NOPSI & Entergy Corporation, 1993; L L & E, 1994; Plaza Shopping Center, 1995; Kentwood Spring Water Company, 1996; The Times-Picayune, 1997; The Whitney National Bank, 1998; BellSouth Corporation, 1999; Liberty Bank and Trust Co., 2000; Bank One, 2001; Latter & Blum Inc. Realtors, 2002; ChevronTexaco, 2003; Hibernia National Bank, 2004; Adams and Reese LLP, 2005; Lockheed Martin Space Systems, 2006; Shell Exploration & Production Company, 2007; The New Orleans Saints, 2008; Ochsner Health Systems, 2009; Cox Communications, 2010; Dow Chemical, 2011; First NBC Bank, 2012; Peoples Health, 2013; Acme Oyster House, 2014; Chevron Gulf of Mexico Business Unit, 2015; Phillips 66, 2016; United Healthcare, 2017; Captial One, 2018; Gulf Coast Bank & Trust, 2019.

Outstanding Foundation

For this award, a foundation must demonstrate outstanding commitment through financial support and through encouragement and motivation of others to take leadership roles in philanthropy and local or regional community involvement.

Past recipient: Libby-Dufour Fund, 2003; J. Edgar Monroe Foundation, 2004; A8C26/WB38 Children First Fund of the McCormick Tribune Foundation; Collins C. Diboll Private Foundation, 2006; Zemurray Foundation, 2007; The Greater New Orleans Foundation, 2008; The Catholic Foundation, 2009; Baptist Community Ministries, 2010; Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation, 2011; Louisiana Hospitality Foundation, 2012; The Joan Mitchell Foundation, 2013; Azby Fund, 2014; Methodist Health System Foundation, 2015; Oscar J. Tolmas Charitable Trust, 2016; The Feil Family Foundation, 2017; Hogs for the Cause, 2018; W.K. Kellogg Foundation, 2019.

Outstanding Philanthropist

For this award, the nominee must have a proven record of exceptional generosity over several years. We are seeking individuals who personally contribute or who contribute through their family foundation and whose generosity encourages other individuals, companies or foundations to follow that example. We are seeking a candidate who has demonstrated outstanding civic responsibility through financial support. The narrative should specifically address your nominees outstanding philanthropic services as well as other civic responsibilities or accomplishments.

Past recipients include: Joseph A. Childress, 1985; Adelaide W. Benjamin, 1986; William B. Burkenroad, 1987; Phyllis and Patrick Taylor, 1989: Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keller, Jr., 1990; John Bricker, 1991; Ella West Freeman Foundation and RosaMary Foundation, 1992; Jack R. Aron, 1993; Mrs. Roger Stone, 1994; Darwin and Mary Jane Fenner Family Fund, 1995; The Joe W. and Dorothy Dorsett Brown Foundation, 1996; C. Allen Favrot, 1997; Edward Wisner Foundation, 1998; Jerome L. Goldman, 1999; Gary N. Solomon, Sr., 2000: Eugenic and Joseph Jones Family Foundation, 2001; William Goldring, 2002; Jeri Nims, 2003; David Voelker, 2004, Walda and Sydney Besthoff, 2005; Anne Gauthier and Daughters, Celeste, Cherie and Michelle, 2006; Mr. & Mrs. H. Mortimer Favrot, Jr., 2007; Shirley K. Haspel, 2008; Roger Ogden, 2009; Carol Wise, 2010; Stephen Stumpf, 2011; J. Kerry Clayton and Paige Royer, 2012; Tom and Gayle Benson, 2013; Joan Heymann-Bergmann, 2014; David Fennelly, 2015; Joyce Pulitzer, 2016; Joy & Boysie Bollinger, 2017; Frank & Paulette Stewart, 2018; Elizabeth A. Boh, 2019.

Board of Directors Award

This award by the Board of Directors is for significant contribution through philanthropic programming to the betterment of the quality of life in our community and in Louisiana. This award is open to all entities in and outside of Louisiana, including individuals, community organizations, families, and nonprofit organizations. Nominees for this category may not qualify or be nominated for any other Philanthropy Day awards (Outstanding Fundraising Professional, Outstanding Volunteer, Outstanding Leadership in Corporate Philanthropy, Outstanding Foundation and Outstanding Philanthropist). Chapter members will make nominations in this category, however the Greater New Orleans AFP Board of Directors is responsible for judging this category. Any director who nominates in this category or has a conflict of interest is not eligible to judge the award. Please include the following information in your narrative:

Past recipients include: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, 1989; The Kresge Foundation, 1990; Freeport-McMoRan, Inc., 1992; The Nalco Foundation, 1993; The Greater New Orleans Foundation, 1995; Archbishop Philip M. Hannan, 1997; Stephen W. Hales, M.D., 1998; Ecetra Anderson Nippert, 1999; The Entergy Corporation, 2000; Fore!Kids Foundation, 2002; Gheens Foundation, 2004; Jewish Endowment Foundation, 2005; Junior League of New Orleans, 2006; Baptist Crossroads Foundation, 2007; Fleur de Lis Ambassadors, 2008; Leslie Jacobs, 2009; Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation, 2010; The Blood Center, 2011; not awarded in 2012; Robert Merrick, 2013; James E. Fitzmorris, Jr., 2014; Emerging Philanthropists of New Orleans, 2015; Ashton Ryan, Jr., 2016; The Helis Foundation, 2017;  Volunteers of America/Jim LeBlanc, 2018; Jackie & Dan Silverman, 2019.

Outstanding Youth in Philanthropy

This award was created in 2007 to identify and encourage young people who have demonstrated outstanding philanthropic

 service to our community.  This award recognizes service by an individual or group of students (ages 10-23 years old) who demonstrate outstanding commitment to the community through direct fundraising support, development of charitable programs, volunteering and leadership in philanthropy. The recipient will receive a $250 grant to donate to the charity of his/her choice.

Past recipients include:  Stanford Rosenthal, 2007; Madeline Baay, 2008; Manya-Jean Gitter, 2009; not awarded in 2010; Kayla Allain and Charlotte Langenstein, 2011; not awarded in 2012; Princeton Carter, 2013; not awarded in 2014; Victoria King, 2015; not awarded in 2016; Mignon Blanc, 2017; Amanad Rougee and Isabella & Hannah Sumersgill, 2018; Lions Cub Club, 2019.

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